March 28, 2012

We Are Up and Running

UVU Club Baseball is now up and running. This is our first season and have a lot of kinks to work out but the important part is that we have an eligible team on the field playing. We started the season off back in January by playing CEU in Price, UT. From there we traveled down to warm Mesquite, NV for the annual "Swing into Spring Tournament." From there we took a few weeks off to pull some things together before playing Utah State in Logan in March.
Last weekend the official Season kicked off when we went to Pocatello, ID to play Idaho State in a three game series. Despite our best efforts all three games got away from us and our conference record is now 0-3, a rough start but we're looking to improve. Our pitchers had a decent showing with a bit lacking from the defense and offense behind them. Jon Proper did have UVU's first home run of the season late in game three but it wasn't enough to bring UVU back from it's deficit.
UVU takes on the University of Utah this weekend at Mountain View High School for its home opener and hope to come away with some W's!